Due to the more stringent demands placed on surface properties and the increasing demand for polishing, H-O-T provides polishing services for stamping and bending tools, machine components and moldings as an additional service for its customers in addition to heat treatment and PVD-deposited hard coatings.

The polish, which is customized for each application, and the media we use, which are tailored to the coating process, perfectly prepare your tool so that it is consistent and reliable throughout its working life.

We perform the following polishes as standard:

  • Mirror finish, maintenance of roughness depth and dimensional accuracy
  • Mirror finish polish for optical reasons
  • Brush finish
  • Brightening (without smoothing)
  • Re-polishing (after coating or plasma nitriding)
  • Tool preparation

And of course, on request the polish can be tailored so that it precisely matches your application.