Active innovative dialog

Expertise meets team spirit: We bring together everything required to create real innovation. Together with our customers, renowned institutes, stainless steel producers and machine manufacturers, we are continually setting new performance standards for optimizing material properties.

Continuous optimization is at the core of our corporate culture. And we at H-O-T take that absolutely personally: Speak to our specialists from the H-O-T research and development department about your specific ideas

“Collaborative partnership between all those involved in the process is our formula for success to ensure constant optimization.”

H-O-T research and
development department


Innovationen erkennt man an messbarem technischen Vorsprung

Innovations are identified by their measurable technical advantage Modern materials need to meet ever higher levels of performance. Our task is to optimize the properties to meet individual requirements and thus increase productivity, performance and cost effectiveness. Successfully! Solutions from H-O-T are used all over the world, wherever top performance is required.

  • Extreme loads (e.g. automotive, aerospace)
  • Better appearance (e.g. consumer goods)
  • Less friction (e.g. motor racing components)
  • More efficient production (e.g. tools/plastics production)
  • Longer service lives (e.g. tools)
  • Hygiene and safety (medical technology, food industry)