“H-O-T is family friendly.”

Interview with Janine Seiler, materials tester in the laboratory at H-O-T.

How long have you been working for the H-O-T Group?

For over 12 years.

What was the deciding factor in your choice of employer?
What made you decide to join the H-O-T Group?

I was looking for a company where there was a possibility of being taken on after my training. That possibility existed at H-O-T. Local proximity and future security were also two of the decisive criteria for choosing H-O-T.

What opportunities has the company offered you?
How has H-O-T supported you in your personal development?

I was given qualified training. H-O-T paid all the costs incurred during this time. I always had a contact person within the company who I could rely on and who I could turn to with any questions – and I still can. This made my entry into working life much easier, since I not only gained expertise, but was also supported in becoming more independent and self-confident. I was therefore able to take on more and more responsibility over time.

In your opinion, what do you need in order to achieve success with the H-O-T Group?

A high level of quality awareness and sense of responsibility when handling high-quality tools and components. You also need to know what you’re talking about – technical knowledge is required. But it is never too later to learn here. You therefore need a certain interest in related work areas so that you can gain an understanding of the bigger picture.

What do you like most about your current job?
What do you particularly enjoy at work?

I like the fact that I can contribute towards quality assurance. I check, evaluate and approve – both in the fields of hardening and coating. This combination is very fascinating and varied. So the work is never boring. You have to be interested and constantly be learning. This can be through interaction with colleagues and superiors, for example.

What do you like in general about your work at H-O-T?

I enjoy working in a good team with nice colleagues. H-O-T is family friendly. There are small financial gifts for personal occasions such as weddings. I also get a kindergarten allowance, which is not normal practice in all companies. I am also convinced by the job security. Open-ended contracts are common here.

What do you think are the greatest challenges?

My daily challenge is making decisions that please the customer, arranging various customer requirements within laboratory activities and organizing the priority of analyses in accordance with agreed deadlines.

Why would you recommend the H-O-T Group as an employer?

H-O-T offers opportunities for promotion and further training. You have job security and a lot of variety in your work. The company also has a family-friendly nature.

What advice would you give someone who was interested in a career with the H-O-T Group?

They should be determined and have a certain sense of responsibility. An awareness of our high quality standards, to which we attach great importance, is just as important as a willingness to engage in new tasks. Whilst academic performance and specialist knowledge are certainly important, we also give career changers the opportunity to gain a foothold, provided they are committed and willing to learn.

Janine Seiler

Materials tester


Started as a trainee in materials testing.

Undertook training in the Schmölln service center, which was shortened from three and a half years to three years, with a final grade of “Very Good”.


Taken on as laboratory materials tester