In plasma nitriding, the nitrogen is introduced into a vacuum chamber, ionized using an electric field (glow discharge), accelerated in the direction of the tool surface, and absorbed.


Areas of application

Automotive industry | Medical technology | Aerospace industry
Textile industry | Mechanical engineering | Tool making


Material groups

All steel qualities

Plasma nitriding heat treatments

  • Plasma nitriding
  • Plasma nitrocarburizing
  • Improx® oxidizing (oxidizing in plasma)
  • Combination of plasma nitriding or nitrocarburizing with oxidizing



  • A specific coating structure is possible (e.g. nitriding without the compound layer)
  • An environmentally friendly process
  • Partial nitriding is possible
  • Increase in resistance to abrasive wear
  • Less tendency to stick
  • No adherence and better demolding
  • Improved corrosion resistance in unalloyed and low-alloy steels