In the gas nitriding process, ammonia is introduced into a chamber. Under the influence of heat, the nitrogen decomposes on the tool surface which acts as a catalyst. The atomic nitrogen diffuses into the surface.


Areas of application/use

  • Automotive industry
  • Medical technology
  • Aerospace industry
  • Medical technology
  • Textile industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Tool making


Material groups

Low-alloy and alloyed steels up to a maximum CO content of 5%.

We perform the following gas nitriding heat treatments

  • Gas nitriding
  • Gas nitrocarburizing
  • Oxidizing
  • Combination of gas nitriding or nitrocarburizing with oxidizing


Advantages compared to plasma nitriding

  • Drill holes (bores) can be nitrided
  • Nitriding possible on all sides

As a result of plant technology, it is not possible to gas nitride high-alloyed materials

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